Identifying Your Pest

Pest Facts

German cockroaches can survive without food or water for up to one month and two weeks, respectively.
The ant queen has wings. There are one million ants for each human in the globe.
The bite from a black widow spider is not automatically lethal. Less than one percent of those bitten by this spider are at risk of dying, and the majority of them are saved by antivenin.

  • Bed bugs reproduce at a rate comparable to that of other insects. A single bed bug introduced into the home can swiftly spawn a big infestation.
  • Repeatedly following the same path, mice leave a smudge mark consisting of an accumulation of dirt and oil from their fur along walls, pipes, and holes.
  • Before they eat, flies vomit on food. They can only absorb liquids, so when they vomit, the food is truly liquefied.
  • In addition to wood, termites also feed on paper and paper products, such as books.
  • Ferment-feeding wasps may become intoxicated and pass out.
  • To deter birds and other predators from eating them, ladybugs produce a toxin with a foul odor and flavor.

Additional Information

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The insects depicted below are frequent in your workplace or residence. Did you know that identifying the pest you are having issues with is the key to effective pest control? Try to save some of the insects that are causing you issues so that the pest technician can aid you more effectively.

Photos of Common Insects

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